Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best 3-Ingredient Marinade EVER!

3 Component Marinade for the Absolute Ideal Hen or Turkey.
Best for your July 4th Weekend BBQ!
This is how to do it.

 You'll need some boneless skinless chicken or turkey lower into strips.

 Here's the marinade:
one/two cup canola oil
one cup soy sauce
2 Cups of lemon lime soda

Pour that above the top of the meat and stir it close to.

 Cover it and refrigerate right away...or up to two days or so.

 Place your meat on the grill and cook dinner it about 10 minutes on low
 Turn above and cook dinner 10 minutes.
You can do this on a broiler pan in the oven as well...
ten minutes on each side!
 We grilled corn on the cob and summer squash as well!
Yummy.  No leftovers...

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