Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Feng Shui Rock Towers

 Create beautiful compliments to a rock backyard or potted plant with
these Feng Shui Rock Towers!
You may get in touch with them Balancing towers...
but we took treatment of the feasible disaster!

You will require a pile of smooth river washed stones
Some painters blue tape...or masking tape...
and some E6000 glue.

Get started by gluing two rocks together of slightly various measurements...
permit them to dry.  If they are really flat rocks,
you could be ready to get started with a couple more.
 Take the glued mini stacks and try out them out in distinct arrangements...

 Then consider people mini rock stacks and glue them with each other.

 Use extended strips of painters tape to preserve them collectively although the glue is drying.
I enable them dry right away...though they come to feel caught after a couple hrs.

Take away the tape and you are completely ready to beautify your backyard!
(We are leasing this home and these pots had been currently here...
not sure what is actually in them...I am patiently waiting to see if they are cool or not...
in the meantime, these rock towers assist me really feel at peace)
 We get plenty of remarks on them way too!
All the neighbor youngsters think they are pretty great!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY Rocket Jet Packs: Family Edition!

Do it yourself Rocket Jet Packs: Family members Edition!
This Rocket Power Jet-Pack is BY Significantly, my most well-known put up!
Actually however, what is actually not to Enjoy about jet pack creativeness???
Super easy to make.
Cardboard, straps, hot glue, soda bottles, spray paint, 
felt flames, and a ton of creativity.
I created it for the *then* three 12 months old.
And failed to comprehend right up until a Year later on that my other two youngsters
wished that they could have a single way too!
Done and Done!  Simplest 20 moment project ever!

They are so sweet to every other.  I am one content mama!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Phonetic Alphabet Freedom Distressed Sign!

Phonetic Alphabet Independence Distressed Sign!

Some thing about the phonetic alphabet is so patriotic to me!
What greater than making it into some getaway decor?
I commenced with a conquer up board that was buried in the garage hoard.

Painted it blue, dry brush approach.
So you fundamentally truly feel like you don't have enough paint on your brush...
can make it easier to distress it later on!
Sanded it down a bit when it was dry.

Cut some letters out of vinyl...
I only had a very small little bit of white left...so I received creative fitting the letters on there.
(weeded them off, and employed transfer tape then minimize them apart)

laid them out...
Hmmm, an further "me" for some reason...
 So I stuck it to MY drinking water bottle...
And then minimize out a Flexibility, all in caps.

Laid them out very same as the other letters...

Applied them to the wood...

Best Patriotic decor!  :)

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Army Blanket Bedspread!

 Here in Alabama the humidity is a killer.
Cold moments are so FRIGID and when it really is Sizzling, it's BRUTAL!
So the comforter I experienced for our mattress wasn't reducing it.
It was way too thick...and consequently ended up in a wad on the ground.
And...we required something that the Partner and I the two agreed on.

 Then my hubby required to get a poncho liner for some training...and it was wonderful.
But it was Multicam.  He recommended putting a pair of those on our mattress.
Not going on with my aqua and black decor! 
I discovered out they had been available (and cheaper) in black!  Yay.
I like that they are lightweight...but nevertheless covering.
I have to be protected--even in the summertime...besides I set my feet out
 of the blankets.  (does anybody else do this?)
The silky-ish substance stays great and cool way too.
And it really is sewn all the way through, so they wash up actually simple

 I ordered 2.  They have ties that you can tie them together...
We tried it out just a pair evenings tied collectively,
and it was also effortless to get puzzled in the night time...
I would steal the blankets and they would get all turned about...

 So, I just sewed them with each other.  Right down the middle.
You can scarcely see the seam on the mattress!
 And when the mattress is produced...are unable to notify at all.
And I modified up my gallery wall a bit in this property.
Great appropriate!?
 Jewelry Armoire
$ 5 Nightstand
Cubby shelf
Phoenix Wall Artwork
I like, like you
teapot lamp
Ring Display

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cooler Police Car Toy!

 My ten year aged son approached me with a task thought.
He had a flashing Crimson and BLUE LED mild...possibly from a inexpensive toy...

 And he wanted to mount it to the best of a law enforcement vehicle.
He explained he experienced seen law enforcement autos at the Dollar Keep...so the following time we ended up there,
we picked a single up!
(I cannot resist when it is my kids organizing initiatives!)

 He just utilised a knife to pop the button off the top.
 Then we glued the LED right on best.
Not considerably to search at in the light-weight, but super cool zipping on the floor in the dim!

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