Sunday, September 15, 2013

Army Blanket Bedspread!

 Here in Alabama the humidity is a killer.
Cold moments are so FRIGID and when it really is Sizzling, it's BRUTAL!
So the comforter I experienced for our mattress wasn't reducing it.
It was way too thick...and consequently ended up in a wad on the ground.
And...we required something that the Partner and I the two agreed on.

 Then my hubby required to get a poncho liner for some training...and it was wonderful.
But it was Multicam.  He recommended putting a pair of those on our mattress.
Not going on with my aqua and black decor! 
I discovered out they had been available (and cheaper) in black!  Yay.
I like that they are lightweight...but nevertheless covering.
I have to be protected--even in the summertime...besides I set my feet out
 of the blankets.  (does anybody else do this?)
The silky-ish substance stays great and cool way too.
And it really is sewn all the way through, so they wash up actually simple

 I ordered 2.  They have ties that you can tie them together...
We tried it out just a pair evenings tied collectively,
and it was also effortless to get puzzled in the night time...
I would steal the blankets and they would get all turned about...

 So, I just sewed them with each other.  Right down the middle.
You can scarcely see the seam on the mattress!
 And when the mattress is produced...are unable to notify at all.
And I modified up my gallery wall a bit in this property.
Great appropriate!?
 Jewelry Armoire
$ 5 Nightstand
Cubby shelf
Phoenix Wall Artwork
I like, like you
teapot lamp
Ring Display

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