Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Feng Shui Rock Towers

 Create beautiful compliments to a rock backyard or potted plant with
these Feng Shui Rock Towers!
You may get in touch with them Balancing towers...
but we took treatment of the feasible disaster!

You will require a pile of smooth river washed stones
Some painters blue tape...or masking tape...
and some E6000 glue.

Get started by gluing two rocks together of slightly various measurements...
permit them to dry.  If they are really flat rocks,
you could be ready to get started with a couple more.
 Take the glued mini stacks and try out them out in distinct arrangements...

 Then consider people mini rock stacks and glue them with each other.

 Use extended strips of painters tape to preserve them collectively although the glue is drying.
I enable them dry right away...though they come to feel caught after a couple hrs.

Take away the tape and you are completely ready to beautify your backyard!
(We are leasing this home and these pots had been currently here...
not sure what is actually in them...I am patiently waiting to see if they are cool or not...
in the meantime, these rock towers assist me really feel at peace)
 We get plenty of remarks on them way too!
All the neighbor youngsters think they are pretty great!

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  2. Get started by gluing two rocks together of slightly various measurements... feng shui master

  3. This is a good idea thank for sharing on the website


  4. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.