Sunday, September 8, 2013

Homemade Crystal Rock Candy!

 I've seen some recipes for Rock Candy just before...but never ever with any images!!!
Is not that the First factor you search for?
Effectively, this is a tutorial for Rock Sweet with amazing photographs!

3 Cups Granulated Sugar
1 Cup drinking water
Taste (optional)
(I used Cherry)

 In a medium sized saucepan,
provide the sugar and h2o to a boil to dissolve all sugar.
You don't need to have to quick boil at all...for any amount of time.
Just dissolve the sugar.
It can make a tremendous thick syrup!
 Add the flavoring...

 Prepare your jars and sticks
I utilized mason jars...pint dimension.
In looking again, I would use the tallest and thinnest glass I have.
I used wooden skewers and clothespins.
The clothespins preserve the sticks centered and not touching the bottom of the glass.
Vital in rock candy crystal constructions!

You may get your sticks and lightly moist them.  Then roll them in sugar.
Enable them to "dry".  The sugar provides the syrup one thing to
 stick to and get the crystals expanding more quickly.

 Now for colour!

 I wanted to do all of them various shades, without having
possessing to make different batches of syrup.
So I added 1 drop of foodstuff coloring to the bottom of the jar.

 Then I poured in my syrup.
(allow the syrup great to space temperature.  If not, your sugar on the sticks will dissolve)

Include your sticks and wait patiently!
We just established them on the counter and didn't have any
 problem with bugs or something weird.

 About a 7 days later on!
You can see the crystal buildings forming.
They also connect them selves to the inside of your jar.
No biggy.

 We permit ours grow for about two weeks.
Then pulled out the adhere

 And experienced a darling tiny sugar crystal sucker!
 My little ones absolutely Liked to see the blocky crystals.
 What to do with the remaining crystals in the jar?
 Easy, it's pure sugar proper?
I poured out all the surplus syrup and permit the jar drain upside
down in a bowl for about 5 minutes.
Then, I used a excess fat butter knife and chipped out all the crystals I could.

 Equally as remarkable, just as delicious, and a enjoyable combine of colors!
It truly is crystally and small, like pop rocks...just no pop!
 Gorgeous appropriate?
 Well, if I have not certain you to make some your self...I guess I never will!
Probably a exciting science venture for the summer season time!

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