Friday, August 23, 2013

Italian Roma Tomato Mozzarella Grilled Pizza!

 One of my favourite Grilled Pizza Combos!
You will need pizza crust, sauce, roma tomatoes (these would be great from your backyard)
and Mozzarella could make your very own like I did below!
 Thinly slice your tomatoes and slice up your cheese.
Mine was presliced, but they had been actually thick...I experimented with to reduce them in half.

 Heat up the grill on lower.
Put your entire crust proper on the grill.

 Wait for it to lightly brown and flip the complete thing more than.
 Add your tomato sauce...I constantly go with the garlic type.

Add your tomato slices like pepperoni!
 Add your chunks of mozzarella on best.

 Sprinkle with some basil...or Italian seasoning.

 Let the cheese soften and the underside of the crust prepare dinner...
then get it off the grill and cut it up!

 Looks like ice product!  So yummy!  Perfect Backyard garden Pizza!

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