Saturday, August 24, 2013

Super Spinning Prize Wheel DIY!

I posted this last yr and it was showcased at UCreate...
but it is just Also good to not carry it up once more!
Especially this time of year when you may be organizing a family reunion or carnival!
A straightforward craft that will make you a Rockstar!
 Any kid (or adult for that subject) that has viewed
 The Wheel of Fortune has longed to spin that huge prize wheel.
When we went to the truthful very last summertime,
 there were booths set up with smaller, but equally
 as amazing prize wheels that the children obtained to
Only once?

I vowed to treatment that.

Say hello to the Do it yourself spinner prize wheel!
one lazy susan (Ikea $ 8 or Walmart for $ 12)
 1 board somewhat bigger than the spinner
one wood dowel, about 3 inches extended
one plastic zip tie
1" nails
Dry Erase Vinyl ($ 8)
Wooden two" ball
(washi tape optional)

drill little bit the dimension of the wood dowel
E6000 glue

It truly is so easy, I promise!

Peel that rubbery plastic ring off the bottom of the spinner...
 Note: on my very first board, I acquired a step in advance of
 myself and painted just before I drilled in the dowel.
So, tempo oneself.

Get a drill little bit, and a dowel the identical measurement.
Don't drill all the way by means of the board...insert and glue in dowel.
I utilised some wood filler to kind of grout it in place.
Then I experienced to paint yet'll only have to paint once!
  Paint them up any coloration you like!
I just used a mild spray primer and then a coat of shade!
Really a bit of the top receives coated, 
so you don't have to be so thorough.
Dry Erase vinyl area...I acquired it at Passion Lobby
($ 7.99 with out 40% off coupon)

Instead of cutting my vinyl into
 triangles that could easily pull up...
I traced the entire lazy susan onto my dry erase vinyl
 Cut off an extra one/2 inch all close to the circle
...eliminated the baking and caught the whole thing down on best!
Not super best, but great.
Then, employing striped washi tape, I created lined divisions!
Following, some little nails (1" long) tapped in in between every triangle.
Leave them up higher adequate to strike the zip tie...

Glob some E6000 all around the back again circle of the Lazy Susan in which it will rest on the board.
(appropriate exactly where I taken out that rubber ring in the beginning)
Press on to your board and enable it to dry.
Be affected person and do not attempt to spin it until it truly is entirely dry.
Trust me on this!
Scrunch a zip tie on to the best of the dowel...minimize the zip tie
 so it is long sufficient to strike all the nails as they spin by!
Sand down or minimize (I employed the band noticed) off 1 surface of your picket ball
so you can glue it to the center of the spinner.
It provides it a concluded look and kids love to hold onto it to spin!
For my initial 1,  I utilized the silhouette to reduce triangles.
But the vinyl triangles peel up very easily at the factors.  FYI.
I've used mine far more than a 12 months and haven't changed the
vinyl but...but almost certainly will this summer!
And it was super tough to make them even!
No matter what you make yours like,
It will be a hit!
Use if for an activity wheel for summer season!
Probably the *best* child of the week gets to
 spin it to see what the Saturday activity will be!
Use a dry erase marker to write your 
hearts needs onto the triangles!

Entertaining tips:
Things to do/spots to go this summer time
thirty 2nd actions (run, jump, crawl...)
Church classes
Birthday portiony game titles
Carnivals or Fundraiser prizes!
Every event that I have taken this wheel, 
I've gotten multiple orders!
My children enjoy to play with it!
I consider they every single spun the wheel a hundred times---and
 did heaps of jumping jacks, press-ups and
 army crawls with no criticism!
Erases simply.  I wipe with a evenly windex spritzed paper towel.
Wipe from the heart to the edge.  At times the
 thin plastic sheet on the prime of the vinyl starts to peel...
no issues so considerably, but they will be simple to
 replace when they are also worn.
Supreme Prize wheel!
Do not you want to rush to the retailer to
 gather provides proper now???
In closing, if you make this,
you will be the envy of your close friends...
You may get higher 5's where ever you go...
the coolest to your little ones...
they will actually want to dangle out with you...
cuz you happen to be a totally awesome rockstar!

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