Friday, June 21, 2013

Christmas in July: Homemade Salt Water Taffy!

 Homemade Salt H2o Taffy!!!
 Easy to make...entertaining for youngsters to pull and roll...and tends to make about 6 dozen parts!
 Here's the stage by step:
 You'll need:
two cups of sugar
one 1/2 cups drinking water with 1 tsp salt combined in
one cup gentle corn syrup
2 teaspoons of glycerin

Mix in a Hefty saucepan and boil.
Stir frequently, but isn't going to have to be continuously.
Use sweet thermometer and boil it to 260 levels...
(not very to comfortable crack)

Then include:
2 tbsp butter
flavoring--we utilized creme de methe for a minty handle!

Allow great in saucepan a handful of minutes.
Then pour out on to a greased cookie sheet or a silpat.
We set one fall of foods coloring on every single
sheet so we could swirl the colours.

Permit the sauce awesome to the contact.
Break off a piece and commence pulling!
You need to stretch and smash it right up until it turns a pearlized colour.
 And this is the place the kids will want in!

 It's not clay.  Never roll or smoosh it on the countertop...unless they are greased.
It'll make a sticky mess!

 We swirled crimson and eco-friendly together and reduce them
into pieces on freezer paper...shiny facet up!

 Then rolled them like tootsie rolls!

 It produced 5 dozen items...and we ate a it must make 6 dozen!
 Great for Holiday reward giving!
Probably for the children to give their friends!

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