Saturday, June 22, 2013

Under the Sea Creature Magnetic Fishing set!

 I made a magnetic mini fishing package for Xmas for my kids...
Just with small fish that look like goldfish crackers...and a little fishing pole.
But I determined I could do considerably much better and make
 an under sea creature fishing set!
And you may possibly have observed this in the newest issue of
 Kids Craft one-two-three Magazine!
Accessible at most Walmarts!

Get 2 magnets and glue them jointly with the yarn in the center...
or click the K&J Magnetics button on my sidebar to
acquire unusual earth magnets with holes in the heart...
I utilized felt for the creatures.
Just drew a tiny sketch of the animals I needed
on paper and pinned it on two layers of felt...
and cut them out.
Sizzling glued some magnetic washers onto the fish

Or scrap metal discs...just as prolonged as they are magnetized.
  I utilised yarn for the jellyfishes stringy factors...
what are those known as?  Tentacles?

Sizzling glued the other shape I cut on best and then
embellished with dimensional fabric paint!
Let them dry and paint the other side as nicely.
That way, when it will get thrown back into the pond it even now
 looks very good no make a difference which aspect it lands on!

These are so fun!  Great carnival sport,
birthday get-togethers, little ones action, faculty or church lessons...

Linking up to THESE parties this 7 days!


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