Friday, June 14, 2013

Christmas in July Week: Fingerprint Cards!

Welcome to Christmas in July!
This is a great time to get in a few Xmas getaway tasks...
then we wont be so swamped in December!
Getaway Fingerprint Playing cards!
Best for little ones to make!
 Super straightforward.
Fold a piece of five.five by four.25" cardstock paper in fifty percent...
Then use brown ink, paint or even just WASHABLE MARKERS...
colour on little fingers...
Press them onto the paper.  You might want to apply a
 couple on a light-weight scrap piece.
 Hot glue or glue dot on googily eyes and a pom pom nose!
Then use a marker to draw ears and antlers...that seem like sticks!
(don't decide me Janell!)
 You can stamp with little letters at the bottom if  you want!
(this "merry" stamp is from Stampin' up)
Allow your youngsters use their creativeness to
generate holiday getaway icons they adore!

 Cute small wreath!

 Frosty small snowmen!

 Use white paint or craft ink on black paper for snowmen!
 The 4 year old's favorite!


 Christmas Sweet Cane!

 And a tree! 

Linking up to THESE functions this 7 days!


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