Sunday, June 30, 2013

Origami Favor Sunburst Box!

Origami Celebration Favor Sweet Box!
I made the decision to educate the kids some origami...right after all,
it is the greatest ability to have when surrounded by sq. sheets of paper!
This is the action by stage...
Square paper, folded in fifty percent all four approaches...
That middle in which all the lines intersect will be 
the base centre of the box...just fyi.
Tuck in two of the scaled-down squares
To make a square sandwich
Then fold above the sides to the centre line make a kite shape.
Fold them from the unfastened points down...
Do this on all four edges.
Open up up the folds to make their very own minor kite condition
Do this on all 4 sides
Then fold them above onto on their own...
Like this
Fold the tops more than to the middle line, just like you did on the other aspect

 Until you've folded all the edges in like this

 Then just take the four flaps and fold them above...
 And crease them

 Repeat on all four sides...

 Open up the inside of of the box...
 Pushing the bottom out gently!

Like this!
Curl the flaps if you want!
 Fill with sweet!
Even a six inch square paper holds a great deal of goodies!
Exciting fun!

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